Lane Woods, fresh out of a long term, serious relationship, decides to document his attempts to find a new love. With the help of his brother, Colin, Lane films himself as he goes on countless dates, hoping to catch those first sparks of love on film.
Written by Jacob Womack & Jon Mackey
Starring Jacob Womack, Veronica Osorio, Sarah Stoecker, Amy Hessler, Tiphanie Rae Lewis, Luka Jones, Cissy Fenwick, Lance and Carolyn Womack, and Jon Mackey.
Directed by Jon Mackey
Featuring: Mary Holland, Nicole Byer, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Santina Muha, Jessica McKenna, Fran Gillespie, Marissa Strickland, Beth Lepley, Gilli Nissim, Kristen Rosanski, Raiza Licea, Cynthia Kao, Casey Feigh, Rene Gube, Matt Newell, Anais Fairweather, Marcy Jarreau, Hillary Matthews, Hannah Kasulka, Hayley Huntley, Kale Hills, Zac Oyama, Olivia Norman, and more.


We wanted to make something non-traditional, to tell a story that we can all easily relate to, but tell it in a way that's new and different. With this film, Lane Woods Finds Love, a faux-documentary about a man attempting to get back on the horse after an intense heartbreak, we feel as though we have done that. 

The process of creating this film was infinitely rewarding. We wanted to make a film that feels as though it was made by the characters it portrays, and lives by the rules the story itself created, and that's what we feel we've done. We stripped away the smoke and mirrors of a full fledge Hollywood production and chose to create this film as it likely would have been created.

We only spent about a thousand dollars on this film-- two tickets to Arkansas, a few lunches, dinners coffees and teas, an extra battery-- and from the beginning, that's how we wanted it to be. We wanted this film to feel small and real. The greatest praise we could ever receive for this film would be for someone to question whether it was real or not. 

This is a story of how we deal with heartbreak, about how we convince ourselves we're fine when we're not, and how hurt and sadness can make us act against our best interest.